Meet our Team

Scott Zoet - Owner

Scott has been into bikes since he was a kid with a local paper route. As a teenager, Scott started racing and working for Tim at the Highwheeler, which eventually turned into Rock 'n' Road. Tim opened the South Haven location, and shortly thereafter, Scott purchased it and made it his own. He is the bass player in the bike shop band.

Caleb Mcloughan

Caleb has been at our shop for a few years now. He is currently enrolled at Southwestern Michigan College studying auto mechanics. He excels on tough jobs which has given him the title in our shop of "special teams". When the power tools come out, he's the one fixing the problem!

Nicholas Canchela

Nick is a true mechanic. He has the ability to track down and solve elusive problems related to bicycle repair. Nick has been with us for seven years.

Tom "Nova" Noverr

Tom's a retired CPA now living the dream. He's a bike mechanic in MI and FL. He's ridden 50,000+ miles in the last four years! Tom's favorite bike is his Beach Cruiser.

Laine Ridley

Laine grew up working on his family's sugar farm making maple syrup. Laine has been with the shop for several years now and has matured into a knowledgeable and skilled bicycle expert.

Dennis Dose

Dennis has worked at Rock 'n' Road Cycle since the summer of 2022. He brings with him a wealth of experience that he has gained as a cycling enthusiast.

Liam Braun

Liam lives in Kalamazoo and works at Rock 'n' Road in the summer. Liam is enrolled at Western Michigan University and he is a campus bicycle mechanic at the Office of Sustainability.

"King" James Fontaine

James, like most of our mechanics, started at Rock 'n' Road as a high school job. When he went to college, he would come back every summer to work. After graduating from Ferris State University, he's become an engineer, but he still finds time to work at Rock 'n' Road as much as he can, He also runs our e-commerce store, Sprocket Kings!


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Address : 315 Broadway Street, South Haven, MI, 49090